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Meetup Review

Last Tuesday, the first of our hosted meetups took place at Influence in Newark. Influence are a local boutique landscape design and planning consultancy with the experience and talent to deliver some truly great local projects. 

Their presentation highlighted the growing use of cutting edge technology in their business and shared some really great advice  on how to incorporate new tech into any business of any size.

The hands-on technology demonstrated:

  • Advance drone use for topological capture.
  • Line-of-sight software analysis.
  • Plant placing and automatic nursery picking list production.
  • Augmented reality to show how landscapes will look post-development.
  • Virtual reality for design of internal and external environments.

Best-practice approaches for adopting technology included:

  • Emerging technology lookouts (make time to spot trends and how they can help).
  • Employment of enthusiastic young people and graduates with a passion for technology.
  • Embrace change and try new ways of doing things instead of getting stuck in a rut.

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