Look who’s Getting Back Together

Yesterday I visited Loopwheels to see if they had some new things to unveil at the launch event. 

I was delighted to see their latest products as well as learn some of the business challenges they face that Silicon Forest will be able to help them with.

Gemma was very kind to show me the factory space as well as the latest Loopwheels applications, she also mentioned that Jason was already a Loopwheels fan and had actually ridden one on the Gadget Show! So for those that didn’t see it, here’s the first generation loopwheel in action. 


We can’t wait to show you how far they’ve come since this appearance, the improvements they’ve made and exciting new innovations that have the potential to genuinely revolutionise commuting, a true pass of the toothbrush test!

Book your tickets for our launch event now to meet the Loopwheels team, see their cool new products and learn how they built a high tech business in the heart of Silicon Forest.


Eventbrite - Silicon Forest: Grand Launch


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